ozog / knysak [pl]

Audio-Visual Performance „Ephemeral Interferences"

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  • Event date30/09/2016, 21:00
Ozog / Knysak – i.e., Maciej Ożóg and Mariusz Knysak, are the creators of the audiovisual performance ‘Ephemeral Interferences’ based on close relationships between an improvised sound and visualisations generated live.

A unique audiovisual performance presents the relations between sounds and images, human being and technology. The uniqueness of the images is influenced by sound parameters (volume, frequency, dynamics), which are reflected in a characteristic vivid composition, intensity, movement and the dynamism of the projector’s light. Simultaneously, the images created in such a way are being monitored by light sensors and a camera, which control a few chosen sound parameters.

Maciej Ożóg operates the sound. For its production, he uses electromagnetic field sensors or devices intercepting active cordless networks: bluetooth, WiFi, mobile phones (Analog RF Power Detector for Sonification of Wireless Network Traffic). The sounds intercepted during the performances are modified in many ways to create ‘sound landscape’ unique for each place.

Mariusz Knysak is responsible for the visual effects. He uses a generating system, created on his own, which modifies the geometry of the images creating multidimensional pictures resembling holograms.

The artists work together for two years now. Their project ‘Ephemeral Interferences’ was released in May 2016.