syny [pl]

A duet moves across the multi-layered dimensions of hip-hop.

  • / concert /
  • Event date30/09/2016, 00:00
  • VenueManu Fabric LOFTAS, Švitrigailos g. 29, Naujamiestis, Vilnius

A duet created in 2014 immediately became the revelation of the Polish hip-hop scene. It is created by a producer performing under a pseudonym 1988 and Robert Piernikowski, a rapper and a songwriter. Their first album “Orient” was released in 2015 by an independent record label Latarnia. “Orient” is an ambiguous record full of snatches of sentences and words, associations and language mistakes forming complex images. The record is an essence of the most interesting features of rap music, it is dirty, sincere and spontaneous, but created with an almost cinematic tact. During the concerts it takes an energetic and, at the same time, hypnotic form which involves the audience from the beginning to the end. Since the debut, Syny have played dozens of concerts, both in Poland and abroad, performing in many festivals, among others Nowa Muzyka, Unsound, Up To Date, Gdansk edition of Boiler Room, attracting many fans. The duet is currently working on a new material, whereas “Orient” will be released as a vinyl record in July 2016.